The Montsec is a limestone ridge of more than 40 km. long, between the counties of La Noguera, El Pallars Jussà and La Baixa Ribagorça. Nature, science, sports and culture combine perfectly in the Montsec. It is a space of great geological and landscape interest; The sea that occupied the area has left us witness to the plants and animals that lived there in the form of fossils, footprints and dinosaur bones.

The drive and the erosive force of the Boix, Noguera Pallaresa and Noguera Ribagorçana rivers have managed to draw and shape the spectacular Pas Nou, Terradets and Mont-Rebei gorges, which, in turn, divide the mountain range into three sectors: from east to west between the gorge of Pas Nou and that of Terradets we have the Montsec de Rúbies, much of the north face belongs to the municipality of Llimiana. Between the Terradets gorge and that of Mont-Rebei, we have Montsec d’Ares and west of the Mont-Rebei Gorge, Montsec d’Estall.

The highest peaks of the Montsec de Rúbies are Tossal de la Torreta (1676) and Tossal de Mirapallars (1668). In Montsec d’Ares, Sant Alís (1676).

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From Mas de Bruquet, in a circle of 35km (40 minutes by car), we can reach almost anywhere in the Montsec. The sky of Montsec is recognized worldwide as one of the best free flight areas, and, at night, one of the best skies in the world for astronomical observation, as recognized by the UNESCO StarLight Reserve certificate.

We can practise air sports (paragliding, ballooning, hang gliding) and water sports (canoeing, water skiing, fishing). We can also travel to space through the Montsec Astronomical Park, enter one of its caves, climb the impressive walls of more than 300 meters of altitude or go hiking along its paths.


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