The village of Llimiana is on top of a cliff, at 790 meters above sea level and 400 meters above the Terradets reservoir. Its privileged position dominates the surroundings, the Montsec of Rúbies to the south, the Conca of Tremp (the Tremp Basin) to the north, the Llimiana range to the east and the Noguera Pallaresa River to the west.

In the Middle Ages, in the 10th century, Llimiana had a castle and a wall that surrounded it and rendered it inaccessible, this gave it a lot of importance, at a time when Llimiana was bordering on Muslims.

The Catalan Romanesque is well represented with the church of Santa Maria of Llimiana, from the 11th century. It is the largest and most spectacular Romanesque church in the whole of the Pyrenees; it also has the largest Romanesque apse in Catalonia.

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The municipality of Llimiana, in addition to the village, the Masos of Llimiana and Els Obacs, includes a good part of the northern face of the Montsec of Rúbies, from the Black Cave (Cova Negra) to the Terradets gorge.

Llimiana is a medieval town that has not suffered major remodeling; retaining all its charm. Strolling through its streets and watching the surroundings from its viewpoints, you will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Montsec, the Terradets reservoir, the Tremp Basin and the Pyrenees.


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