The Starlight Foundation, linked to UNESCO, has garanted to the Montsec mountain range the Starlight Tourist Destination international certificate and also the Starlight Reserve Certificate.

The Mas de Bruquet is also part of the StarLight Counselor group of the Montsec, whose objective is to help spread the knowledge of astronomy through the sky of the Montsec.

The Starlight Initiative (The Light that comes from the Stars) is conceived as an international campaign in defense of the quality of night skies and the general right to observe the stars as a scientific, cultural and environmental heritage of humanity.
It aims to strengthen the importance of clean night skies for humanity.

The Starlight Tourist Destinations are worth visiting sites that have excellent qualities for the contemplation of starry skies and the practice of tourist activities based on this resource.

The Starlight Reserve is a space where a commitment is established to defend the quality of the night sky and the access to the light of the stars.

The Starlight Tourist Certification System was created with the aim of promoting, worldwide, the improvement of the quality of tourist experiences and the protection of night skies in the Starlight Destinations.
The Starlight Certification allows for the first time to combine science and tourism, basing on astronomy and the vision of the sky a new form of intelligent tourism.


The Astronomical Park of Montsec, which consists of the Observatory and the Center for the Orientation of the Universe, becomes the fourth area of the planet for exceptional astronomical observation. It is the only Observatory of the state that can be visited, the 3D planetarium and the 12-meter dome, unique to the world, are also a good tourist attraction.!2

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