Welcome Hikers and Cyclists is a seal of the Board of Trustees of the Diputació de Lleida, which certifies that the accommodations are ready to lodge hikers and cyclists.
The Mas de Bruquet environment is ideal for many cycling specialties. That is why we have adapted our facilities, considering the needs of cyclists.                                                    


Bike touring: Classic bikes are ideal for traveling on our local roads with little traffic. Bike touring with family and friends is a good option in this area.

BTT: Montsec and the Llimiana Range of hills will test your strength to climb and your ability to go down the slopes. With mountain bikes, emotions are guaranteed.

Road: If this is your specialty, you can plan itineraries which may be tailored to your possibilities, we can design routes of any mileage, always leaving from Mas de Bruquet.

                                                            Mas de Bruquet services for cyclists.

  • Parking space with firm ground, covered and safe.
  • Utensils for the cleaning and maintenance of bicycles.
  • Space for drying clothes in case of rain.
  • Information about the routes and facilities of the area for cyclists.
  • Documentation center, with books, maps and tourist information about the area.
  • Weather forecast information.

                                                 Routes for hikers designed by Mas de Bruquet.

 The amount, variety and difficulty of the routes in the area is very large, so we have made a small selection, which will help you to have the experience of knowing our territory. If you want more routes or go on a hike, we will provide you with the necessary information and help.

        Barcedana valley by bicycle    

        MdB – St Gervàs – Llimiana mountain range – MdB   

        MdB – Llimiana – The Masos – Mdb    

        MdB – Gavet – Tremp    

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